The Purpose

The purpose of the website is to:

  1. Promote our town and region to visitors to entice them to visit, and

  2. To encourage local residents to spend locally when they see the wide range of options available to them in their own region.

Who should get involved?

We envision that every business and organisation in the greater Geeveston area, from Castle Forbes Bay to Surges Bay will benefit from listing on

  • Full-time businesses

  • Part-time businesses

  • Artisan businesses

  • Work-from-home or on-demand businesses

  • Volunteer organisations

  • Recreation organisations

  • Clubs

  • Interest groups

If you would benefit from increased awareness of what you offer, then please consider listing in our town's


In fact, if you don't have already have a website or online presence, then your own page on may be all you need. It's a very low cost way to establish your presence online.

Targeting Local Residents

Many new residents are coming into our region and they have a challenging time discovering everything that is available in the community. Let's face it, there are many 'best-kept secrets' in our region.

By providing a directory we can easily show them what is right here. This encourages them to shop locally and get involved in local activities.

Targeting Visitors

Many visitors love Geeveston ... once they get here. This website supports the word-of-mouth promotion that travellers often share with each other.

While many visitors can easily discover what is on the main street of Geeveston, this website can help them discover highlights that are a bit out of the way.

Our intention with this website is to maximise the time and money that visitors spend in Geeveston, and to encourage them to get the most out of what we offer. We expect this will flow on to return visits and also for them to tell other visitors to make sure to visit us.

The Big Picture

As more and more people go online to search for information about where to visit and where to spend money, it's necessary to move online if you want people to become aware of you.

We expect that in due course, each township in the Huon Valley will eventually have it's own website featuring its attractions, services & amenities.

We also envision that all these local websites will link to each other, and that they will be linked in an umbrella website of the Huon Valley.

This is a citizen's initiative, kicked off by the Franklin Progress Association with their FranklinTasmania website. Geeveston is the second town to get on board, and we're certain that other towns will follow soon.

The Huon Valley Council is aware of this project, and we are in ongoing discussions about how these township websites will eventually integrate with their own tourism initiatives. 

We also link to regional tourism websites such as:

  • Pristine South

  • Southern Trove

  • Discover Tasmania

  • Hobart and Beyond

The Geeveston Progress Association plans to take out advertising in various regional tourist magazines in order to encourage readers to visit our website to learn more about our town and all that it offers.

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List Your Business or Organisation

To list your business, click on the PDF icon to download.

Fill it in, and return to the Geeveston Visitor Centre.

Frequently asked questions

How much will this cost my business or organisation?

The GPA charges only $20 per financial year per business or organisation to be listed on Note that the GPA is not registered for GST at this time. Your listing payment is tax deductible. You can request a tax invoice if you need one. ...

What will my business or organisation get?

You will receive a full page, with your own url (website address) that you can use on your own advertising. On this page, you will have 1. A logo photo or business image 2. Business description (100 - 200 words) 3. A gallery of up to 9 images featuring what you offer 4. Links to your own website and any social media you have 5. Business address 6. Contact details, including phone and email 7. Opening hours 8. Contact form linked to your email 9. Google map featuring your business location 10. Visitor counter for your page, so you can see how often your page has been visited. ...

How can I get my business or organisation listed?

Link to the PDF file - This opens in a new tab, and you can download it, print it out and fill it in and hand it in at the Visitor Centre. Link to the MSWord file - This downloads directly onto your computer's download folder. Fill it in on your computer and email back. ...

How do we pay?

You can pay by direct bank transfer into the GPA bank account. Our account number is 633-000 152 546 917 Use your name as the reference, so our treasurer knows who made this payment ...

Is it complicated to get my business or organisation listed?

No, it's relatively straightforward. There are three main pieces of information that you need to provide: 1. The facts about your business (location, opening hours, etc) 2. Some 'advertising' wording to make your business sound appealing (dot points are okay) 3. Up to 9 photos that show what you offer. ...

Can I get some help to get listed?

Absolutely! Contact the GPA Secretary, Marlowe Aster, on 0417 881 838 or to arrange whatever support you need. There is no charge for this. ...

We don't need to list our business or organisation. What benefit is there for us?

It's rare to find a business or organisation that doesn't desire more exposure. We see the township website as a one-stop local directory where site visitors will come to search for the local information that they need. Maybe it's your opening hours, or they want to know what's here before they decide to journey down into our region. Remember that each listing will have links to your more detailed website and to your social media pages where they can discover even more about you. Finally, your support for this initiative, with a very modest investment, helps us to help other traders and groups in our community. When businesses thrive the whole community thrives. We are grateful for, and appreciate your support. Thank you. ...

I have a question not listed here

Send your question to the GPA Secretary, Marlowe Aster, at