Frequently Asked Questions

How Will These Funds Be Allocated?

This account is earmarked for the use of the Geeveston Fire Brigade to purchase equipment, or for any other purpose deemed appropriate by the local fire chief.

Who Can Donate To This Fund?

Any member of the public, business, or fundraising organiser can deposit into this account if they specifically want their contribution to be channeled to our local fire brigade.

How Can Funds Be Deposited Into This Account?

You can deposit over the counter at any Bendigo Bank Branch, or by direct bank transfer. If you feel so inclined, you can also organise a fortnightly or monthly direct debit to regularly contribute a nominated amount, such as $5, $10, or $20.

How Can I Be Sure The Funds Will Be Used As Stated?

The Geeveston Progress Association is an incorporated association which is made up of local business owners and residents. All GPA accounts require any two of the three signatories to sign, and financial reports are provided at monthly meetings. The GPA will provide a quarterly report of this account, on this page, to show the contributions and the allocations. The first quarterly report will be at the beginning of April 2019 to bring it in line with the traditonal quarters.

Is My Contribution Tax Deductible?

No. The Geeveston Progress Association does not have Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) endorsement with the Australian Taxation Department.

Who Can I Contact About This Account If I Have More Questions?

You can contact any of the Executive Committee of the Geeveston Progress Association. They are:

  • President, Andrew Burgess
  • Vice President & Treasurer, Kirk Humphrey
  • Secretary, Marlowe Aster

But What About All The Other Fire Brigades That Helped?

Many towns have Progress Associations or similar that will be helping out their own local fire brigades much like how we are. For smaller brigades, such as Glendevie, who work closely with our own brigade, we will be guided by our own local fire chief.

Is This Account Competing With Other Fundraisers?

No. The Geeveston Progress Association doesn't see fundraising as a competition. We expect that all monies collected on behalf of the Firies will end up with the Firies, regardless of who the collector is. The GPA is willing to support any over-riding initiatives occurring in our community. As you will read further below, this account will be

  • permanent and
  • transparent

How Long Will This Account Stay Open?

The Geeveston Progress Association plans to retain this account, which we have called The Recovery Account, as a permanent account in support of our Geeveston Fire Brigade. As a community, we will always have a need for a well-equipped and well-trained local fire brigade, so once all the post-bushfire fundraisers have completed their mission, this account will remain open to accept ongoing contributions.

What Are The Administration Fees And Other Hidden Costs?

There are no administration fees. The Geeveston Community Bank has also set up the account to incur no monthly account fees. Over-the-counter cash withdrawals will be $1.75 each time, but we don't expect that we ever need to do this.

Recovery Fund Updates

Q1 | 9 April 2019: The GPA opened up a recovery account in early March to collect donations on behalf of the Geeveston Fire Brigade via collection boxes in various local businesses. To date, $1393 has been collected from the community. The GPA will be contributing $1200 of this to the Firies fundraiser organised by Huon FM. The collection boxes have been removed temporarily, while the GPA assesses the best future arrangements with local businesses.