Animal Crossing Signs

Here's the advice we recently received from: the Department of State Growth,

Network Management Branch, State Roads, regarding our request to put up some Bandicoot Crossing signs near the Geeveston Bowls Club. I'm placing it here for future community reference.

As a rule, State Growth don’t action requests made for the installation of animal warning signs. This is because due to the nature of wildlife to cross roads to access food and water and the existence of wildlife across the state, road kill is prevalent throughout. Instead to manage locations of road kill, State Growth look to treat sections of roads by signage or other measures, only where the highest concentration (hotspots) of road kill are identified (top 10%).

Data is provided to us by our Road Maintenance Contractor, who as well as identifying and removing any road kill, also record the locations and details of the road kill (i.e. date, type of animal). This data is reviewed on an ongoing basis, and any hotspots identified are then reviewed and a method for treating the location is made (i.e. installation of warning signs or other).

I will make a note that you have identified this location as a place where wildlife cross the road, so we can continue to review for any high concentrations or trends of roadkill identified in the area.

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