Our priorities

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Local rubbish dumping  & littering


We live in a beautiful location and we want to keep it that way for both civic pride and for visitors.



Annual Art Show Exhibition

Held over a week, this is for regional artists who want to share their skills. All work is for sale to the public.

There's also a separate-but-connected children's display, organised through regional schools.


Wheels in the Park


2019 will be the sixth Wheels event, which brings hundreds of extra visitors to Geeveston, some for the first time. (And hopefully not their last)


Wheels is organised annually by your Geeveston Progress Association to: 

  • provide a fabulous day out for local families,

  • boost our town's visibility with state-wide and regional exposure by advertising and promotion in the months and weeks leading up to the event, 

  • boost our town's economy from extra spending by visitors, both on the day itself, and when they come back because they remember (or discover) what a charming little town we are,

  • provide an opportunity for fund raising by local schools and groups who keep all the proceeds of the the food and drinks they sell, 

  • support the Geeveston Fire Brigade with a donation for their assistance with traffic management and parking, 

  • raise funds for Geeveston Cares and other community groups who offer local support, and

  • any profit goes towards township projects.


So there's no pressure to have a successful day, right?


The organising sub-committee can't do this all on their own, and rely on community for three major resources:

  1. financial support by way of sponsorship,

  2. help with promoting the event to your customers and members, and

  3. volunteers to help out on the day.

Geeveston township website 


Helping to promote Geeveston to visitors and encourage residents to shop locally.

We offer more than most people realise.

Have a look and see how it's shaping up.

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Speed Limit Reduction in Church St


The GPA is liaising with the Council to reduce the speed limit in Church St to 40km.



Geeveston Community Grants​


Open to community groups and organisations in the larger Geeveston area, from Castle Forbes Bay to Surges Bay.

Find out more here.

Our Past and Ongoing Achievements


There are many more achievements over the years. What's listed above is basically only the last 5 or so years.

A full history of the

GPA/GCDA will be uploaded in due course.

Geeveston has a strong history of community pride and development.