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13 Geeveston community groups receive $5000


The Geeveston Progress Association presented 13 local organisations in a presentation evening on Thursday, 27 September 2018 at the Geeveston Visitor Centre.


President, Andrew Burgess, said that the GPA was very pleased with the number of applications received in its first round of offering the grants. “The Geeveston area covers from Castle Forbes Bay to Surges Bay, so it was great to receive so many applications from throughout the area.”


Successful applications were received from

Sacred Heart Primary School,

Geeveston Bowls Club,

GeCo Dog House,

GeCo Foodbank,

Geeveston Girl Guides,

Geeveston Fire Brigade,

Geeveston Christmas Pageant,


Geeveston Archives and History Society,

Green Jacket Volunteers,

Castle Forbes Bay Landcare Group,

Geeveston Ex-Servicemen and Women’s Club, and the

Geeveston Golf Club.


Grant funds are sourced from donations from RV Campers in Heritage Park by GPA representatives, and are held in trust for the community.

Future grants are dependent on the Geeveston Progress Association being able to formalise agreements with the Huon Valley Council, regarding camping in the park. GPA Secretary, Marlowe Aster, explained that they are waiting for Expressions of Interest documents to still be released.

2019 Grants are expected to open on 1 July 2019.